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Bottoms Up!
Toasts, Tales & Traditions of Drinking's Long History as a Nautical Pastime
by Robert McKenna

Hardcover, 112 pages w/ illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9758699-2-5

A Cocktail of Liquid Lore
From the "sun's over the yardarm" to being "three sheets to the wind,"  Bottoms Up is a sand-bar hopping voyage through the centuries of toasts, quotes, slogans and sayings that mark drinking's age-old relationship with sailors and the sea.

Robert McKenna has spent years collecting hundreds of nautical-related drinking phrases and utterances.   Here he distills them, stirs them with fun facts, and offers them up with amusing anecdotes to celebrate in high style this grandest of all maritime traditions.

So "splice the main brace" and make a splash at your next event (so to speak).  Just don't lift a glass...raise one!  Hoist the gin pennant, dress ship, set your blenders to mix and charge your glasses, and offer a tribute to Neptunus Rex.

From the Introduction:
"Bottoms Up! is the ideal crewmate and perfect drinking companion.  In addition to nautical toasts, it includes proverbs, slogans, sayings and quotes that can be spun into a gracious gesture suitable for any occasion.  It is brimming with fun facts and garnished with amusing anecdotes that will charm your guests and provide you with the toast that pleases most."

About the Author
Robert McKenna
has spent his lifetime observing coastal and nautical life.  A former Coast Guard officer, maritime reporter, and columnist, he is a book editor and the author of The Dictionary of Nautical Literacy, a lexicon of our seagoing culture.  Married with two daughters, he lives in Noank, Connecticut where he writes, sails, fishes, teaches, coaches, experiments with seafood recipes, and mixes a salubrious Margarita.

A few of the hundreds of toasts in Bottoms Up!
"May the ships at sea never be bottoms up." 

"Here's to your new boat and mine-
May they never accidentally meet."

"There are good ships, and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships are friendships,
And may they always be."  

"May no son of the ocean be devoured by his mother."


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