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Rum Row
The Liquor Fleet that Fueled the Roaring Twenties
by Robert Carse

Paperback, 192 pages w/ photos
ISBN 978-0-9758699-4-9

In the years of Prohibition (1920-1933) the citizens of the United States were ready to drink anythingand to do or pay anything to
get a drink.  Easy money was there for those who could supply a parched nation with liquor.

The rum-runners, as they became known, employed vessels of all descriptions and set out from ports in Europe, the Bahamas, Bermuda
Cuba, Jamaica, even the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, loaded with Scotch, rye, bourbon, gin, champagne and brandy, and headed for the major cities of the United States.

This flotilla rode at anchor outside the limits of U.S. law enforcement, their holds wide open, ready, willing and able to do business
with anyone.  The string of floating liquor stores became known as "Rum Row."

To the rum-runner, the enormous profits outweighed the dangers posed by hijackers who would stop at nothing to steal cash and cargo,
and, of course, the Coast Guard.  The actions of these intrepid men
and womenkept America wet for nearly 14 years
and eventually forced Prohibition's repeal.

Rum Row is the story of thrilling and dangerous times on ship and shore.



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