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Sinbad of the Coast Guard
by George F. Foley, Jr., Chief, USCG
Illustrated by George Gray, USCGR
Introduction by Mike Walling, author of Bloodstained Sea

Hardcover, 176 pages w/ photographs
ISBN 978-0-9758699-3-2
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This is the adventurous, true story of Sinbad, mascot of the Coast Guard Cutter Campbell during World War II,
whose exploits became legend.  His black and tan figure was known in a hundred ports, from Greenland- where
he nearly caused an international incident- to Africa, where he was the guest at a Sultan's Palace and as far away
as Japan.

Although famous to thousands of people in many nations, Sinbad was happiest at sea, treading the decks of the sleek
Campbell, where he was treated as just another member of the crew.  Battles and hurricanes never dulled his love of
standing on the heaving deck with spray breaking over his sturdy body.  To Coast Guardsmen and sailors all over the world he was a hero and a real salty dog!

Appropriately, Sinbad's story was told by a fellow member of the Coast Guard, Chief George F. Foley, Jr., while the fine pictures were drawn by the
outstanding Coast Guard Reserve artist, George Gray.

This new edition, the first in 60 years, adds photos of Sinbad, information about the Campbell, and an Introduction by Mike Walling, author of
"Bloodstained Sea, the U. S. Coast Guard in the Battle of the Atlantic 1941-1944." 

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