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Smugglers of Spirits
Prohibition and the Coast Guard Patrol
by Harold Waters

Paperback, 192 w/ photos
ISBN 978-0-9773725-4-6


The days of bootlegging, speakeasies and bathtub gin on land were called the "Rum War" at sea.
The U.S. Coast Guard battled rum running
the smuggling of liquor from adjacent countries and islandsfor nearly 14 years,
at first with limited resources, and later with recommissioned destroyers and fast "picket boats."  But what began as a merry game
of cops and robbers was soon played for keeps when organized crime moved in.

In this true story that reads like an old salt's yarn,  Rum War veteran Harold Waters recalls both the serious and lighter aspects
of enforcing Prohibition.  His personal observations recount a time when an attempt to enforce an exaggerated idea of morality
led to corruption and carnage.

About the author
Harold Waters left New Zealand at the age of 16 aboard a ship bound for the United States.  A year later in 1922, he enlisted
in the Coast Guard by telling people he was 21.  He served for 25 years, retiring, after service in the Pacific in World War II, with the rank of Lieutenant.

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