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The Confessions of a Rum-Runner
by James Barbican

Paperback, 224 pages w/ photos
ISBN 978-0-9773725-5-3

The Confessions of a Rum-Runner
is an authentic journal of liquor smuggling during Prohibition (1920-1933).

The author, an Englishman who found himself at loose ends after service in the war, went into rum running for the excitement
and the chance of making money quickly.  In time he built up a successful organization and carried on a business running into
millions of dollars.

For nearly two years he coordinated operations on land and at sea, all the while staying one step ahead of the law. 
After amassing a fortune, he called it quits, married the woman of his dreams, and opened a famous hotel in Africa.

First published in the summer of 1928, The Confessions of a Rum-Runner is the most insightful account of the inner workings
of smuggling during Prohibition ever written.  At times seeming exaggerated and highly colored, it accurately details the dark side
of the era- the graft paid to public officials, the corruption in the ranks of those charged with enforcement, and the double-crossing, lying and
violence that pervaded.

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